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Zenode is an MVC reorganization of PHP8's default workflow that provides a fully-featured, blazing fast, zero-dependencies, security focused, starting template for all kinds of online projects. It abstracts away the implementation of an online service's basic requirements into a single controller file for the programmer to tinker with. The source includes this website as both self-documented sample and configuration testing suite.

Although zenode is system agnostic, it's primarily built for NGINX + UNIX systems to take full advantage of its scalability and performance. Enabling even computationally expensive services to run on deprecated, budget hardware and even microcontrollers like the RaspberryPi Zero or the BPI-M2.

Live demo

Zenode's documentation has been moved to its sample, public instance at zenode.org.



Installation & Troubleshooting

Visit the official project page at XENOBYTE.XYZ for installation instructions and troubleshooting.