Custom EMACS configuration with automated package management
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EMACS is perhaps the most powerful tool in a programmer's arsenal, though its power lies hidden deep within layers of initial complexity, as one learns the basics of the system it becomes quite apparent why an increasing amount of developers finds it worthwhile to switch despite the relatively steep learning curve.

HEXmacs organizes the emacs files into a template that comes preconfigured with fully featured development environments for the languages used in the XENOBYTE projects plus a few, general purpose utilities. To manage all these packages, HEXmacs uses a very simple script that scans the package list in /emacs.d/hexmacs-packages.el and automatically searches, downloads, installs and updates them. To include a new addon, simply add whatever custom commands the package requires to its respective configuration file in .emacs.d/custom, and the main ~/.emacs file will load it on startup. This file contains the settings for debugging, file backups and user data, while the .emacs.d/custom directory encapsulates the loading and configuration of the dependencies.

HEXmacs is guaranteed to be updated for the lastest stable version of EMACS.


Installation & Troubleshooting

Visit the official project page at XENOBYTE.XYZ for installation instructions and troubleshooting.