Fully featured 2.5D rendering engine, multi platform and built for speed. Made in C++ and modern OpenGL(v3.3+) https://xenobyte.xyz/projects/?nav=skeletong
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SkeletonGL is a 2D rendering engine written in C++ with a focus on performance and flexibility, it offers a feature-complete, ready to use template to immediately begin working on the essential components of the application without having to first write an underlying foundation.

The engine is written in multiplatform C++ and relies exclusively on free and open libraries to provide everything a GPU accelerated program needs to deliver on the harshest standards. It's design abstracts away OpenGL's shortcoming by offering a dead simple interface to the engine's API together with an easily modifiable OpenGL 3.3+ wrapper that allows for specialized builds and effective debugging techniques.

All modern OpenGL rendering capabilities are available, making it a more complete alternative to SDL's 2D renderer while providing a very similar interface, its just as easy to use but with the added benefit of everything a core graphics engine should. If you're looking for a complete, yet unobtrusive solution for graphical desktop development, SkeletonGL is for you.

HEXmacs should work with any EMACS 25+ installation, but it is maintained for the newest stable release.



  • Updated and ready for EMACS 27+
  • Fully featured development environments and setups for C, C++, lua, python, javascript, LISP, bash, PHP and more
  • Grammar & spelling correction suite for all available langauges (locale.gen)
  • Organized template based on pure EMACS LISP (no package loading dependencies at all)
  • Unobtrusive configuration that can be easily exapnded upon
  • Automated package management
  • Much smaller and faster than alternatives like spacemacs
  • Regularly updated and kept at bleeding-edge state


  1. Install dependencies

    For Debia/Ubuntu systems:

    sudo apt-get update
    sudo apt-get install libsdl2-dev libglew-dev libfreetype6-dev

    For Arch based systems:

    sudo pacman -S sdl2 glew freetype2
  2. Clone the SkeletonGL repo:

    git clone https://git.xenobyte.xyz/XENOBYTE/skeletongl
    cd skeletongl/


The source code is thoroughly documented using the doxygen standard, any doxygen generator can parse the code and output the API's specification into a portable format of your choosing. The root folder contents are already setup as a template for new projects, simply add your own source code to the /src/ folder and update the makefile:

Root project folder:

  • src/: Source code folder
  • static_lib: Compile the SGL insto a static (.a) library
  • static_exe: Statically compile the sgl.a lib into the final executable
  • makefile: Dynamically compile the final executable
  • skeletongl.ini: Runtime settings file

src/ code folder:

  • skeletongl/: SkeletonGL library source code
  • skeletongl/skeletonGL.hpp: Monolithic include file
  • skeletongl/window/: Window manager and main library interface
  • skeletongl/renderer/: All render and OpenGL related code
  • skeletongl/utility: Data structures, constants and general utility
  • skeletongl/deps: Header only dependencies (GLM & stb_image)

Note that the entire SkeletonGL interface can be seen in the window/window.hpp file. Visit the official project site at xenobyte.xyz for more information.

Example programs

The following programs are made in SkeletonGL and free for you to tinker with.

snake-sgl // Simple snake clone and first SkeletonGL example program

cas-sgl // Conway's game of life simulator made in SkeletonGL & C++ with a focus on performance.