Custom EMACS configuration with automated package management
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Project site:

Official repo:

XenoEmacs organizes the emacs files into a template that comes preconfigured with fully featured development environments for the languages used for the projects plus a few, general purpose utilities. To manage all these packages, Xenoemacs uses a very simple script that scans the package list in /emacs.d/xenoemacs-packages.el and automatically searches, downloads, installs and updates them. To include a new addon, simply add whatever custom commands the package requires to its respective configuration file in .emacs.d/custom, and the main ~/.emacs file will load it on startup. This file contains the settings for debugging and file backups while the .emacs.d/custom directory encapsulates the loading and configuration of the dependencies.

XenoEmacs is guaranteed to be updated for the latest stable version of EMACS and the dotfiles.


Installation & Troubleshooting

Visit the official project page at for installation instructions and troubleshooting.