Custom EMACS configuration with automated package management
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v1.03 <2022-12-26 Mon 20:09>

  • Updated for Arch(6.1.1-arch1-1)
  • Updated helm config

v1.02 <2022-12-09 Fri 12:20>

  • Added a default sound for the integrated pomodoro timer to custom/general-conf.el that points to a WAV file in ~/.sounds/ Note that the dotfiles repo was updated to include some default sounds

v1.01 <2022-09-04 Sun 11:55>

  • Enabled relative line numbers by default [jumping relative lines hotkey remains the default C-u + linum + up / down]
  • Added avy [C-']

v1.0 <2022-08-08 Mon 10:55>

  • New repo
  • Fixed an issue with undo-tree generating a ton of temporary files inside source directories
  • Added support for RUST
  • New emacs.d/custom/rust-conf.el
  • Added packages to emacs.d/xenoemacs_packages.el